Sunday, 27 July 2014


Every winter for the last few years we've packed up and moved to my mum's house for a few weeks. While she's off gallivanting around the world, we hold down the little farm fort. To be honest, although I love it there, the house is absolutely freezing in winter (why are New Zealander's still in denial about the fact that it actual does get COLD here, and it's not normal to be wearing a heavy coat indoors?!) so I've always had a bit of a love/ hate relationship with the job.  But now that Ayana is of an age that she can really start exploring it has made it a whole different experience.  Here is what our days tend to look like;
- At the moment we're waking up at 5am... ohhh it's hard!  We're not up that early because there are cows to milk or anything like that, but because the young madam has decided that that's when our day should start.
- Then we get up grumbling and rubbing the sleep out of our eyes.  Stumble into the kitchen where we're met by some equally sleepy dogs who are wondering why we're getting up in the middle of the night.  We crank the heat pump, have breakfast (coffee please, make it a double!), get dressed etc.
- When dawn finally breaks we wander up the long driveway to get the paper. We check on the seedlings in the glasshouse, collect whatever vegetables we need for dinner and grab the firewood for the evening.  If there's one thing I'm learning about life with a toddler it's that it pays to plan ahead and be organised!
- After that we head straight down to the chickens who have just laid their eggs (have you ever heard a chicken lay an egg? They make quite a commotion).  We feed them the food scraps, check their dry food feeder and make sure they have fresh water.  Ayana spends a good 20 minutes just watching them, it's hard to tear her away.
- With that a good chunk of our daily chores are done.  There aren't any sheep on the property anymore and the calves pretty much look after themselves, so we're free to play or run errands before lunch.
- After lunch Ayana goes down for her nap, and after a busy morning she usually crashes out for about 3 hours.  Woopee that means I have some time out!  I prep dinner, muck around on the computer, edit photos, have another coffee.
- When she finally wakes up we have a quick snack and then take the dogs for a walk down to the bottom of the property.  We check out the stream and explore the bush while the dogs run off (they walk themselves home eventually).  It's quite the hike for little toddler legs and I'm always amazed at how far she can walk.
- We come home, light the fire, finish making dinner, EAT and then the bed time routine commences.  With so much fresh air and sunshine she's usually asleep in no time... and I'm not far behind!

I love what a beautiful rhythm our days have when we're here.  We spend most of our time outside and it's a nice change from being in our dark, cramped little house at home!  In a couple of weeks we'll be doing it all over again but this time for a whole 5 weeks.  Phew!

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