Tuesday, 5 August 2014


This morning Ayana and I dashed into town (cursing at slow drivers) thinking we were late for our osteopath appointment, only to find that it had been cancelled.  Hmm maybe it's time I started checking my phone messages! Anyway seeing as how it's a half hour drive for us we weren't about to turn around and head home again.  Despite the constant downpours, we decided to try our luck at the beautiful Eden Gardens.  We had been there once before when Nic was working on a photo shoot, and although it was absolutely stunning I couldn't really justify the hefty entrance fee.  I mean I love a pretty flower as much as the next person, but I could get three cups of coffee for the same price!  Nonetheless I dug my hands deep between the car seats.  Amongst the soggy crackers and half eaten apple pieces I managed to scrounge together enough small change to cover the cost.  The elderly lady at the counter gave us a strange look as I piled my coins up in front of her and asked which walkways were pram friendly.  It soon dawned on me that we were the youngest people there by at least 50 years and was soon Ayana soaking up the grandmotherly attention.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this place was named after and designed to look like the Garden of Eden because it really is stunning.  In fact it is nestled in close to the side of Mt Eden.  It's so close to the city and busy motorways, and yet you walk through the gates (pay your hefty fee) and all of a sudden everything is calm.  There are native birds flitting around, exotic flowers are perfuming the air, and you find the outside world just melting away. 

I could have personally stayed all day but a certain somebody was now scowling at the nice old ladies... which meant we were overdue for lunch and a nap! We headed to the garden cafe for a quick devonshire scone and then made our way back to the car between rain showers.  Now I'm sitting in the car in our driveway while it pours with rain outside and the little one is fast asleep in the back.  I would say we made pretty good use of our botched up morning.

Additional info

YES.  Although you can't go everywhere.  There are quite a lot of small steps, but still enough pram friendly walkways to make it worthwhile.

YES.  Right at the entrance.


YES.  There is a cafe in the gardens but this would also be a great place for a picnic if you wanted to bring your own.


YES. Adults $8.00/ Children free

Eden Garden Website

Over all experience:
Surprisingly great!  And yes I still think the price is a little steep, but I'm glad I went in and checked it out.

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