Friday, 29 August 2014


These guys have been daring to inch closer to each other for weeks now.  Everyday Ayana marches down through the paddocks with great excitement because we're going to see the cows, and everyday the cows bravely come a little closer to the fence.  Well yesterday they finally made contact!  I keep meaning to take bread down for them so that they become friendlier, but somehow the only one who ends up eating are Ayana and the dogs!  Anyway we have learned from past cow experiences that there is such a thing as too friendly.  Next thing you know they're pushing you around the paddock and nibbling on your coat.
On the day that the big cattle truck pulled into the driveway we raced next door and Ayana watched in awe as these little dog sized calves leaped out of the back.  Since then they have grown considerably and like to behave like devious teenagers.  It has been so interesting to see them grow up.  I am constantly pinching myself and feeling incredibly grateful that we get to give Ayana these experiences.  She's basically living my childhood right now and I couldn't have wished for a more perfect one!

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