Monday, 25 August 2014


Georgie Malyon/ Florist

You're a lady of many talents, can you tell us a bit about what your career background is and what you do?
I'm a florist, I can whip together a bunch of flowers, zip up a dress on the sewing machine, apply a little horror make up, make a latex mold, make a few hundred plaster casts of skulls, and take a photo or two.
I have always had a passion for design and colour, and have put my hand to many different creative skills: painting, sewing, jewellery, fabric design, screen printing, then floristry. It just clicked with me and I couldn't let it go. When I was a teenager my step sister Jane owned a little flower shop on the corner of St Kevins Arcade and K'Rd. I used to spend my days after school hanging out there or any chance I could get, spending hours drawing and learning the names of the flowers - I loved it! So I started playing around with flowers when I was 19 years old, working part time for some really great florists and slowly learning the tricks of the trade. Thirteen years on I feel like there is always something new to learn!

When it comes to making my prints, I started throwing around ideas about 5 years ago. Working on my own style of flower arranging. I have always had a passion for styling and placing objects together at home and at work, whether it was doing the shop displays of flowers and products, or at home making altars for all my collections of my things, or moving all the furniture around the house and painting the walls a new colour. And then on top of this styling, I have always loved making art: painting, screen printing fabric etc. I wanted to bring my love of arranging flowers into my art, so I started taking photos of still lifes with vases of flowers. Over the last five years I've developed my practice, inspired by an obsession with vintage postcards, the Dutch paintings of flowers and the theme of memento mori.

What is your favourite medium?
Flowers, of course! There is nothing more perfectly imperfect then flowers. They don't last forever and as they decompose they have a different beauty which is fleeting. There are particular varieties of flowers that are only available at certain times of the year, so there is always something to look forward to!

Can you share a typical day in the life of Georgie Malyon?
A girl must always start with a coffee before any real or civil interaction takes place. I work part time at an online flower shop, where I make bouquets and arrangements for our clients, as well as working behind the scenes, managing our website content (styling our product shoots, designing new gift products, writing copy, that kinda stuff). And my other part time job is my own practice: creating and photographing my own arrangements, making and painting skulls and backdrops. At the end of a busy day, I like to chill out with my boyfriend Tim and our cat Boris. What's coming up in the future? I'm currently working on my website, which is pretty exciting.

You're my favourite kind of hoarder, your collections are just incredible! Where do you find your treasures?
I must say I'm trying to cut back on the collecting! I sometimes dream of being a minimalist. Imagine: clear clean white walls, bench space! But it's just not me; never has been, and I'd say never will be. I've always been a collector of trinkets and treasures. I like going to Avondale Markets, Browns Bay, Takapuna Market, Trade Me - all the usual spots for like-minded collectors. I often do swaps and trades with friends who are all pretty much collectors as well! I have a lot of beautiful gifts from amazing friends, and my grandparents used to have an antique store, so I've inherited a few pieces of furniture and vases.

What are your other interests? 
I love make up, making costumes for dress up parties and homemade awkward family Christmas cards. At the moment I'm planning my yearly Christmas card with my boyfriend Tim and Boris the Cat. Last year's card had a "Dancing with the Stars do Christmas" theme: lots of fake tan, glitzy outfits and big make up. I'm getting more and more requests from friends to be on the Christmas card list - maybe a stamp and self-addressed envelope to my home address will get you on the list! I have always had a dream of styling awkward family photos as a full time job, it would be so much fun!

What advice would you give somebody interested in becoming a florist?
A floristry course is a good idea, but before you do that, if possible try to get some work experience, especially around busy times of the floristry year, like summer. You may not get to make flowers, but you'd get the idea of what it's like to work in a flower shop. If you then felt like it's something you would want to pursue, you could either commit to a student loan, or, maybe you could start out as an apprentice and work your way up. That's how I did it. I don't think there is any right or wrong way of finding your way into floristry. Many people start out thinking the job is relaxed and all about making things look pretty, which is only half the job. The other half can be physically demanding. Don't think you're gonna have nice nails ever again!

Where can people find your work?
You can find my work at a few places: Endemic World, based in Auckland on Ponsonby Road. They have lots of talented local artists on their books and an awesome space, so definitely drop in and say hi to Elliot and the guys, and check out what they do there. Just recently, four of my newest limited edition prints have also found a home in Melbourne with the crew at Signed and Numbered Currently, I'm working with a friend on my own little piece of the interwebs, where you will be able to check out all of my prints, as well as my styling work. In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram (@georgiemalyon) !


  1. Such a stunning space and great interview!

  2. Thank you :). I know, I absolutely love this studio!

  3. what an incredible babe and wonderful photographs!

    1. I couldn't agree with you more, and thank you!