Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Photos by Nic Fletcher (or at least the ones he's not in!)

Sometimes I forget that we live a five minute drive away from the beach.  After three weeks of walking down to the bottom of the farm and back again everyday we needed a change of scenery.  So after Ayana wakes up from her nap we bundle everybody into the car and head down to Long Bay.  In summer this is one of the most popular beaches in Auckland and it can be hard to even find a carpark. At this time of year the place is just speckled with dog walkers and the occasional brave swimmer.  For Ayana it's heaven.  She runs after every dog we meet, examines every shell that crosses her path and usually ends up soaking wet.  I can't even tell you how happy it makes me to see her wet, sandy, exhausted little grin at the end of our walk (less cute is the tantrum she throws when it's time to go home!).  At the moment the dogs force us to have to go on a big walk everyday, rain or shine, but I really want to continue our afternoon adventures when we're not house sitting anymore.


  1. I miss the beach! We head down to Wellington for three weeks shortly while I work so I'm looking forward to taking corvan to the beach and letting him explore.

    1. The beach is definitely the best playground for a toddler! I never thought about the fact that there are no beaches in Hamilton.