Thursday, 4 September 2014


I was at the health food store the other day and treated myself to a packet of coconut chips.  They were good, REALLY good!  But they came with such a ridiculous price tag that I couldn't justify buying them again.  That got me thinking about some amazing roasted coconut that we had in Fiji once and I thought hmmm why not give it go.  It turns out that this is an incredibly cheap, super healthy snack that you just kind of want to keep eating all day.  It does require a little more effort than the apple chips but it's actually quite fun and well worth it in the end. 

What you need:
1 whole coconut (I bought one from the supermarket for a mere $1.50)
Some course salt

What you do:
- Turn your oven on to 170 degrees
-Armed with a screwdriver and hammer, find the two softest spots on the coconut and tap a hole in them (I actually took mine into the garage and put it in the vise!).
- Let all the water drain out into a glass through a fine sieve.  This takes quite a while but should flow freely, if it doesn't you may have to make the holes a bit deeper.  I was looking up recipes using coconut water while I was waiting, but Ayana gulped the whole lot down in the meantime!
- Place the whole coconut on a baking paper lined tray
- Pop in the oven for approximately 30 minutes (or until you see the shell beginning to crack)
- Turn oven down to about 130 degrees *
- Wrap the coconut in an old tea towel, grab your hammer and give it a good whack.  This is also great for stress relief :).
- With a regular kitchen knife gently coax the meat from the shell.  I found that it came out in nice big pieces.
- With a vegetable peeler or mandolin peeler slice coconut into thin pieces.
- Spread onto a lined oven tray in a single layer  (It took me about 5 trays to do the whole coconut).
- Sprinkle with salt
- Allow to bake until the coconut starts turning brown.
* The original recipe I used said to bake them for 10 minutes at about 170 degrees.  I found that they went brown too quickly without getting that nice crunch, so preferred to bake them for longer on a lower heat.

Ta da!  And enjoy.  If you're going to keep them for a while then I suggest putting them into an air tight container. They really make the perfect snack for when you're out and about, and don't have time to stop for lunch.
This recipe is a slight adaptation of this one by Martha Stewart

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