Tuesday, 30 September 2014

HONY... the best thing that ever came out of Facebook!  If you haven't checked out this amazing project out yet then please, please do.  Humans Of New York began as a photo series about the inhabitants of New York City but is now touring the world on a special UN mission. This is such an incredible documentation of everyday people living in parts of the world that are often misrepresented through war and conflict.  Sometimes we need to be reminded of the fact that in the end we're all just trying to raise our children, fall in love, earn a wage, and occasionally have a laugh. This project is seriously the only reason why I haven't deleted my Facebook account yet!
ENJOYED reading
the second edition of Frankie Magazines SPACES.  So many cute homes, so many interesting people.
Bohemian Traders.  It's always exciting to find new, little ethical stores online that make clothes you actually want to wear! Psst they have a sale on right now too.
summer!!! Come on already!  This is the first summer in years where we really have plans.  Quite high on my 'to do' list is finally spending a night in a Tipi at the Solscape eco retreat in Raglan.
ATE at
the Little Bird Unbakery and had the most delicious kimchi pancake.  Pretty excited to go back and taste test the rest of the menu!
new recipes thanks to Pinterest.  I've been trying to get more organised and broaden the menu lately, because sometimes you just get stuck in a bit of a rut!
The Auckland Heritage Festival (which has already begun).  For years now I have been wanting to go on the Rangitoto historical bach tour, so this year I'm determined to make it!

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