Friday, 17 October 2014


Just as I sat down to write this post, the skies suddenly opened up and it's currently pouring with rain!  I've got the doors and windows flung wide open and that delicious smell of rain hitting dry soil is wafting in.  Our water tank has been getting dangerously low and my newly planted zucchini's are welcoming this downpour, and so am I.  All around us fruit trees are in full bloom, baby birds are yelling demands from their nests and ducklings are waddling after their mothers.  New life is here!  We on the other hand have been pulling weeds, preparing the garden for summer, trying to get to the beach as much as possible and teaching Ayana the joys of shoe free/ nappy free living!  That girl is outside from breakfast until lunch, and then off again after her nap.  To see her come in for dinner with muddy fingers and an exhausted grin just makes my heart burst with happiness.  This is what a childhood should be all about. Technically this is our third summer as a family of three (if you can count this first) but this year she's a real little person.  She has opinions (oh boy does she have opinions) and a say in what we do, she's a companion rather than just a baby along for the ride.  Nic and I try hard to remember what made our childhood summers so special.  Road trips and picnics, whole days at the beach and lazy Sunday BBQ's, sleep overs with friends and family movie nights on the couch, these are all things we plan to introduce her to.  In the mean time though I am trying to remind myself to be patient and enjoy Spring first.

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