Tuesday, 7 October 2014


So far this Spring has been plagued by blustering arctic winds that leave everybody feeling a little scratchy.  I guess Ayana and I had a more serious case of cabin fever than we realised because midway through dinner Nic announced we were going to the beach as soon as we'd finished eating.  Ayana immediately let out an enthusiastic cheer, but I was a little more skeptical as I watched the horizontal rain fly by the window again.  Still he had a point, we could do with some fresh air.  So we rugged up warm, braved the elements and explored our unusually desolate local beach.  He was right of course, it WAS good to get outside for a while.  Sure Ayana had to jump in the biggest puddle she could find and made the journey home without pants on, and no I couldn't feel my toes anymore but we had a roaring fire to come home to.

On the whole I'm quite impressed with how frequently we hit the beach these days (even if we're in gumboots not bikinis).  It makes me look forward to this summer more than ever!