Wednesday, 22 October 2014


This city of mine is on a major health kick at the moment and I LOVE IT!  Hanging out in cafes is one of my favourite pastimes (probably a good thing seeing as how I worked in them for over 10 years) but when you don't eat meat and aren't a huge egg fan (definitely never ones that aren't free range) then the pickings can be a little slim.  So imagine my excitement at all these healthy eateries opening up where I can eat ANYTHING off the menu!

I naively assumed that a raw food diet consisted of... well I hadn't really thought about... carrot salad and a beetroot juice perhaps??  I'm sure I'm not alone there.  But oh boy, the Little Bird Unbakery has introduced me to a whole new and delicious way of eating!    It turns out you don't have to cook the hell out of your food to make it taste good.  Raw in this case means food that hasn't been heated above 42 degrees (the temperature at which good enzymes and vitamins are destroyed, the PH levels become more acidic, and minerals turn into inorganics (which are harder for the body to absorb).  So rather than being served up a plate of uncooked vegetables like I assumed, I had a ridiculously delicious kimchi pancake with watercress, shared a South Indian style dosai (a sour, fermented pancake) with a western twist and a raspberry chocolate RAW brownie that just melts in your mouth.  I don't know that I'm up for a complete raw food conversion at home, but as far as cafe food goes I would opt for this any day!  

Psst they also just brought out a cookbook which I may have to sneak onto my Christmas list.

Must try: Everything!  I plan to work my way through the menu.  So far everything I've had has been amazing (except maybe the coconut bacon, that was a bit weird).
Location: 385 New North Rd, Kingsland, Auckland
                 1a Summer Street, Ponsonby, Auckland
Parking: Street parking
High chairs: I've only been to the Ponsonby store so far and yes they had a cute little pink one.
Vegan/ Gluten free/ Vegetarian friendly:   Sure are
Website: Little Bird Unbakery

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