Thursday, 2 October 2014


Mondays Wholefoods cafe

Monday's Wholefoods is like the secret garden of cafes.  Unless you know to look out for it, you might well pass right by the little driveway that leads to the healthiest eatery in town.  Nestled inside the light, vine covered building is a cafe that serves food so fresh and wholesome that you can leave your guilt at the front door.

Created by two clean living, wholefood loving local bloggers Eleanor Ozich and Hannah Horton (I highly recommend you check out their inspiring blogs), this place serves a combination of raw, gluten free, vegan, naturally sweetened delights.  I know, you're probably screwing up your face right now and muttering hippie food under your breath, but trust me on this, these ladies know what they're doing!  Not only do you feel good for having eaten here, but you feel inspired to go home and buck up your own meal ideas.

They also frequently hold a variety of really exciting sounding dinners and events, have an online store and a website with a wealth of healthy eating information.  In case you haven't noticed, I'm a fan!

Must try: I had some pretty serious food envy when I saw Nic's nut butter and almond flour banana bread.
Location: 503B New North Rd, Kingsland
Parking: Street parking (which has recently become paid parking, agh!)
High chairs: Didn't see any (Ayana was asleep in her pram the whole time) but the outside courtyard is pretty kiddie safe.
Vegan/ Gluten free/ Vegetarian friendly:   Sure are
Website: Mondays Wholefood

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