Thursday, 16 October 2014


I don't normally volunteer to be mugged, let alone get excited about it.  But when a mugging involves getting your morning coffee fix in a beautiful handmade cup that you're free to take home, then I'm joining the queue!  So Ayana and I  braved the morning traffic (crawling along the motorway for an hour when I haven't had my coffee yet may have involved a few words that I hope Ayana didn't pick up on), battled for a carpark and rushed to meet Elena (aka my mum and potter extraordinaire) at the Craft Kitchen.  Although the cafe was a little overwhelmed by the extraordinary amount of Friday morning customers, it was so nice to see smiles spread over the faces of bleary eyed folk as they were given their very own mugs.  Quite an ingenious way to celebrate the end of Auckland Art Week, promote the Auckland Potters Society and encourage more people to buy handmade!

If you weren't lucky enough to be trudging past one of the five participating cafes on Ponsonby Road this morning and missed out, you can still buy one at
Whitespace on Ponsonby Road
Auckland Studio Potters in Onehunga

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