Tuesday, 27 January 2015


This has been one of the longest, slowest summers I can recall since I was young (remember how endless those used to be??).  My usual hectic, stress freak self  has put her feet up and decided to let it all go for a while.  Yes the house isn't as clean as I'd prefer, the unfolded washing is piling up and dinner is reasonably basic BUT it feels good!  Our days have fallen into quite a distinct rhythm of getting up (still at the crack of dawn thanks to Ayana and the hundreds of birds that have decided to nest in our bamboo), laze around the house until a reasonable hour, run errands if need be, visit friends, come home for lunch, take a nice looong siesta (I live for those siesta's right now), wake up when we please, swim until dinner time!  That's it, day in and day out.  We will get onto that long list of chores (errmm like painting the house, doing up the kitchen, clearing a path to be able to walk through the garage again) but for now it's just too hot and we're too busy enjoying summer.  I may have slacked off a bit in terms of blogging too, so I will try to muster up the motivation to turn my laptop on more often.
Hope you're all having a great summer (or not getting to blustered by snow storms if you're on the other side of the world).

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