Saturday, 28 February 2015


I hadn't actually planned to write about these delicious little treats but if you're a dark chocolate lover then you probably need to try them.  I don't have a major sweet tooth and I'm generally pretty good at keeping my sugar intake to a minimum (with the exception of my weekly doughnut after doing the grocery shop) so I was looking for something healthy to get me through that afternoon lull. I found these chocolate and date balls over at Petite Kitchen (a New Zealand food blog seriously worth checking out) and they really hit the spot.  They're only sweetened with dates and have a ton of raw cacao powder in them for a serious chocolate kick.  I should warn you that Ayana managed to polish off half the mixture before we even rolled them into balls and proceeded to run around like a lunatic hyped up on cacao for the next hour.  So if you're making these with your kids (which is awesome because they really enjoy rolling them and dipping them in coconut) you have been warned!
I can't claim this recipe to be my own, so you can find it here.
Let me know what you think. x

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