Sunday, 5 April 2015


I've always love Christmas, Easter and other peoples birthdays, but wow having a kid to make it magical for just takes things to a whole new level!  I always remember it being the most mysterious and magical experience when I was young and that's definitely what I want to recreate for my kids. This year Ayana has really been old enough to part take (incredible to think that this was her third Easter already!).  She painted little rabbits that Nic cut out for her, we blew out half a dozen eggs and spent a morning painting them and she stood her own against all her ADULT aunts and uncles in the Easter egg hunt.  We're not religious in any way and being that we're coming into Autumn here we can't really celebrate the Spring equinox so I was a little unsure of how to explain Easter to her.  In the end though I realised that just like with Christmas, for us it's a celebration of family, good food and acknowledging the change in season.  When Ayana is older we'll explain other peoples beliefs and reasons for celebrating these holidays but for now we'll just let her get swept up in the magic and excitement of the day.  Next year we get to celebrate with two little kiddo's (!!) and eeeeee I can't wait!
I hope you all had a beautiful day too. xx

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