Thursday, 23 April 2015


We're living life in the slow lane these days.  I've been finding this pregnancy extremely exhausting to say the least, and Ayana has been sick, waking way too early and generally having some pretty grouchy days.  It started to become clear to me that it was time to take things down a few notches for a while.  So we've been spending a lot of time just hanging around at home, getting bits and pieces done but generally not stressing too much if we don't.  I suppose this is often the way things go when you're approaching winter and everything starts to drift into hibernation mode.  As of next week life will get reshuffled again with a quick getaway to Raglan and then returning home briefly before packing our bags and farm sitting at my mum's for six weeks.  We always fall into a slightly different routine when we're there because the chickens, dogs, cows and gardens demand daily attention.  I don't mind to be honest, it feels quite good.

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