Friday, 6 November 2015


The last time I wrote a post here Autumn was just beginning to turn into winter, the leaves had changed colour and my belly was expanding.  As I sit here now six months later, nature is exploding with colour and life again, I have a sweet, chubby little babe at my breast and am adjusting to life as a mother of two (well three if you include the puppy that has also joined our family).

After weeks of being told she would come early, little Miss Nico Amelie arrived exactly on her due date.  She was born at home in our bed after what I can only describe as a pretty fast and easy labour/ birth (well you know, as 'easy' as you can call labour). From the moment she was born I had this overwhelming sense of feeling complete, and that our little family felt complete.  What ever happens in life now I've got my little crew. This has really had me thinking over the past couple of months and put some pretty major things into perspective... which I'm going to share in the next post!  I just really wanted to touch base after such a long break.

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  1. Congratulations on your little girl! What a beautiful photo of a mother and her daughters.