Monday, 18 July 2016


Funny I woke up this morning (545am... thank you Nico!) with an incredible urge to throw together a blog post. 
How this past year has flown by!  It's like we blinked and suddenly we're counting down the last weeks of winter again, our sweet newborn is nearly a rambunctious toddler and our little Ayana is a kindergartner who dresses herself and demands tutu's at all hours of the morning.  For us the first year of babyhood seems to be pure sleep deprived survival and everything else gets pushed aside.  Of course it's a case of accepting it, knowing it'll pass and trying to be kind to ourselves in the process but it's not always easy.  One of the last things to get our attention during this time is our garden.  In fact that's an understatement, our garden has been horribly, horribly neglected... again!  We managed to pull back enough weeds in early winter to throw a few plants in the ground but they're looking very sad and I suspect only the strongest will survive.  Although we like to pretend, Nic and I aren't exactly green fingered.  Sure we like the idea of being self sustainable and growing our own food but the truth is we enjoy our weekly trip to the Sunday farmers market even more (especially when it includes a coffee date and a play at the beach afterwards).  As for the chickens, well the wee chicks we adopted just before Ayana was born provided us with the eggs we needed, retired and then eventually passed away.  My mum (who lives next door) recently got some new ones and it has been a relief to have somebody to feed our compost scraps to again (throwing them in the bin felt very strange and wow I had no idea how fast that fills up your rubbish bag!).  Plus while they're laying well we benefit from a bounty of fresh eggs. 
Gosh well this has been a rambling first post, it feels a lot like when you catch up with a long lost friend and although there should be a lot to talk about there are some awkward silences in the initial conversation! Sharing our personal lives on the internet has always made me feel a little uncomfortable, but then again having these times documented and being able to look through the years is so beautiful.  So we'll see how we go and what path this dear blog of mine is going to take.  Either way it's nice to be back. xx


  1. Lovely to see your blog re-emerging, not to mention the gorgeous photos. I've missed my photo fixes. xxxx

    1. Thank you :). We were looking back through old posts the other night and I suddenly felt so thankful for all the memories! x