Thursday, 13 July 2017


This blog has been on quite the rickety journey over these past few years.  With motherhood came a big change in me, my lifestyle, my time, my mindset.  Basically everything got turned on its head (not necessarily for the worse) and as far as the blog went I felt like I had lost my footing.  Unsure of what direction I wanted it to take, I all but neglected it.  Yet somewhere in the back of my sleep deprived mind I was still searching for the perfect new beginning. Then the other day, as we were sitting in her studio with clay up to our elbows my mum suddenly suggested that we should really be documenting the direction we have been floating in. 

Somehow having children causes you (or me at least) to see a lot of things under a magnifying glass.  Suddenly it seems more important than ever to pursue dreams, strive to live the kind of life we've always imagined, be extra conscious about the environment and the beings in it, take good care of our health and learn to goof off regularly.  There's a bit of pressure that comes with realising you're your child's first teacher, and the best way for them to learn is to follow your example.  We want our children growing up knowing they should think for themselves and to question everything, we want for it to be normal that they pick up rubbish on the beach and say no to plastic, we want them to consider who made the clothes that they buy and where their food has come from.  We want our children to have the confidence to embark on wild adventures and fulfill their wonderful dreams, we want them to learn from other cultures and keep an open mind about people they meet..  We want so much for these precious children of ours but if we are to lead by example then we need to go out into the world and prove that it's all possible.  It's quite an incredible thing to challenge yourself to live your dream life so that your children will know they can live theirs.

This, I've decided, is a journey worth documenting, both for their sake and maybe as a way to inspire others to do the same.  We're far from perfect and riddled with insecurities we need to overcome along the way but I can hardly think of a more worthy reason to step up and take a hold of life!

Let's see where this road takes us...

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